I haven’t been playing games much for the last few months due to studying for exams, but now that I’ve sat the exams and got them out of the way, I spent the weekend playing and writing reviews for some of the Amstrad CPC games that have been released this year:

(Actually, The Elves of Maroland was released last year in Spanish, but the English version was released in 2024.)


Screenshot of Galastrad
Screenshot of Galastrad
Ayor61 of GGP continues to churn out new Amstrad CPC games. His latest effort is a space shoot-’em-up called Galastrad. As far as I know, it’s the first shoot-’em-up to be developed for the CPC using Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer; nearly all the other MPAGD games I’ve seen for the CPC have been platformers. It features an intro sequence, a gorgeous overscan title screen drawn by S_A, and several tunes by SuTeKH, although the presentation in the game itself is relatively basic.

You can download Galastrad from GameJolt.

English version of The Key released

The English version of Pakete Soft’s new point-and-click adventure The Key has now been released. You can download it from Pakete Soft’s site, but like the Spanish version, you will have to solve a puzzle first.

The Key

Screenshot of The Key
Screenshot of The Key
Back in 2019, Pakete Soft released a small point-and-click adventure called Escape the ROM as a demonstration of their PAKET tool. Now they’ve released a full game called The Key. You’re at home when a note and a key from your friend Mabus are posted through your door. The note tells you that Mabus is dead and you must go to Carfax Mansion to meet two of his colleagues, Chema and Jorge. Once you arrive there, Chema explains the mysterious events in more detail, and you can then explore the mansion.

Point-and-click adventures aren’t totally new on the Amstrad CPC (think of CPC Aventure and Orion Prime), but in my opinion, The Key is the first one that really captures the spirit of LucasArts’ range of games. It’s currently only available in Spanish, but English and French versions are planned. You can download The Key from Pakete Soft’s site, but to do so, you’ll have to solve a puzzle first – and no, I’m not going to tell you the solution!

New reviews

Robert Small has reviewed two games:

The fourth annual Amstream Amstrad Video Game Awards (better known as the Sugars) were streamed last night on Xyphoe’s YouTube channel. As with previous editions, fifteen games were nominated for eight categories, and the results are as follows:

  • Best graphics: Octopus Deluxe
  • Best music and sound effects: Gates to Heaven
  • Game of the year: Sugar City
  • Best original gameplay and design: Sugar City
  • Technical achievement and quality: Oh Chute!
  • Best presentation: Oh Chute!
  • Best platformer: Gates to Heaven
  • Best puzzle game: Tenebra 2

You can watch the awards show below or on YouTube.

The Sugars 2023-2024 on YouTube

Hypernoid Zero

Screenshot of Hypernoid Zero
Screenshot of Hypernoid Zero
Bitplane Technomantes took the CPC community by surprise with the release of Hypernoid Zero – a highly impressive clone of Cybernoid. There was no posting teaser videos on YouTube months in advance for these guys! Their last release was Corsair Trainer (a vertically scrolling space shoot-’em-up with only one level) in 2020, but I had heard nothing from them since then – until now.

Hypernoid Zero was presented at the Revision 2024 demo party that was held over the Easter weekend, from 29th March to 1st April 2024. The graphics are fantastic and the sprites move really smoothly, and the gameplay offers lots of action-packed blasting, just like Cybernoid! The difficulty level can also be configured, which is welcome, as the default settings make the game pretty tough. There’s some footage of the game in action on YouTube, which can be watched below, and you can go here to download Hypernoid Zero. Note that it requires 128K of memory.

Gameplay footage of Hypernoid Zero on YouTube

Robert Small has reviewed two French games:


Screenshot of AntiAir
Screenshot of AntiAir
Japanese developer Inufuto has released another new game for a wide variety of formats, including the Amstrad CPC. AntiAir is inspired by Space Invaders, but it comes with a twist – when you shoot an alien, it will drop either a block or a bomb. You have to think about timing the shooting of aliens carefully, otherwise you could find yourself boxed in and unable to avoid a falling bomb! There are ten waves of aliens, and the first few waves are fairly easy, but the gameplay becames a lot more frantic in later waves. You can download AntiAir from Inufuto’s site, although it’s only available as a CDT cassette image from there; however, a disc image can be obtained from CPCRulez.

Auto Amy

Screenshot of Auto Amy
Screenshot of Auto Amy
EgoTrip released a new puzzle game called Auto Amy about three weeks ago, but I completely failed to notice it at the time, so apologies to EgoTrip. Better late than never, as they say... I’ve lost count of the number of games that feature Amy, but in this one, you have to place tiles on each screen to create a path so that Amy can move along it and collect all three jewels. The gameplay is similar to Pipe Mania, and you can download Auto Amy from CPC-POWER. (Note that on CPC-POWER, after you have clicked on the floppy disc icon, you now need to click on the orange bouncing icon to the left of the disc image filename in order to download it.)

The Elves of Maroland

Screenshot of The Elves of Maroland
Screenshot of The Elves of Maroland
Dwalin has released The Elves of Maroland – an English translation of his text adventure Los Elfos de Maroland. It uses the DAAD engine and features digitised pictures that have been generated using the Imagine AI Art Generator. The wizard Ogion summoned an evil Shadow, which wounded him fatally. You are Ogion’s apprentice Ged, and you have travelled to Goil, the capital of the island of Beil, in search of the Elven Wizards of Maroland, in order to obtain the knowledge to defeat the Shadow. The Elves of Maroland can be downloaded from Dwalin’s site.

Édouard Bergé’s YouTube channel added

I’ve added links to videos on Édouard Bergé’s YouTube channel on my site. It mainly showcases assembly language programming tutorials and the more spectacular demos for the Amstrad CPC, but it also features longplay videos of some French text adventures.