Screenshot of Synchronous


(Bretagne Edit’ Presse, 1987)

It’s time for another Breakout clone. This one features rather chunky bricks, and unlike other similar games, you must clear almost all the bricks from the screen within a time limit. However, there are no power-ups to collect, although there is one type of brick that when destroyed will massively increase the speed of the ball – and more often than not, it will also cost you one of your nine lives as you fail to catch it with your bat. The graphics and sound effects are functional, but there’s really nothing that makes this game stand out from all the other Breakout clones on the CPC, and it’s slightly too slow-paced for my liking. I get the impression that it was originally intended as a type-in listing for a magazine but it ended up being published as a commercial game instead.

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Screenshot of Syntax


(Blue Ribbon, 1988)

Rebel forces from the planet Syntax are planning to invade Earth, and you have volunteered to fly to Syntax in your impulse-drive fighter and defeat their dastardly plans. You must fly around the planet in the search for ten crystals which you must drop down ventilation shafts. Nearly everything about this game is poor. The graphics and sound effects are very basic and it’s difficult to work out where it’s safe to fly. Many of the areas you can explore are restricted in size, and the controls are very sensitive, so flying your fighter in a straight line is quite tricky, as is avoiding flying into buildings and rebel ships. You’ll end up crashing far too frequently.

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