Screenshot of RX 220

RX 220

(Microïds, 1987)

RX 220 is a droid who must explore an enemy complex and retrieve fifteen energy modules. Naturally the complex is filled with all sorts of aliens and traps that will destroy RX 220 on contact. No wonder it was sent in to explore the complex instead of a human! Fortunately the droid is equipped with a laser. This is a run-of-the-mill platform game with fairly basic graphics and sound effects. Annoyingly, there are several screens where it’s possible to become trapped with no way of escaping, forcing you to quit and start over again. Microïds normally set a high standard with the presentation and quality of their games, so it’s difficult to understand why they thought this one was worthy of a release.

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Screenshot of Rygar


(US Gold, 1987)

Rygar is on a mission to defeat an evil tyranny, battling through ten stages in this horizontally scrolling platform game. All the usual assortment of aliens and monsters are there, and most of them can fly. However, you’ll have to jump over waterfalls and chasms a lot as well, although it is possible to bounce on monsters’ heads. Stones also appear out of the ground, and shooting them will reveal one of several types of bonus. The graphics are pretty good although they’re not terribly sophisticated, and during each stage, there’s no time to relax at all – but fortunately, the game isn’t all that difficult. And as for the music, it’s also excellent, and strangely familiar...

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