Screenshot of Python Pete

Python Pete

(Optyx, 1986)

Python Pete is hungry, and you must guide him around ten levels of a garden, eating the fruits and avoiding the walls and the poisonous mushrooms. Yes, it’s a snake game. This effort is mostly written in BASIC, and it really shows. The graphics are rather crude, although they do the job, and the music (if it deserves to be called that) is awful. The game would be quite enjoyable if it wasn’t for the very unresponsive controls; by the time you’ve pressed a key to change direction, Pete has crashed into one of the walls. Some of the fruit is tucked away in tight corners, so the game needs to be responsive – and it isn’t. This game feels more like one of those type-in listings that featured in some of the CPC magazines in the mid-1980s, and that’s where it should have belonged.

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