Screenshot of Jungle Warrior

Jungle Warrior

(Zigurat, 1990)

Reviewed by Javier Sáez

It’s a pity how games that otherwise would have been quite successful are relatively unknown, simply because they were released when 8-bit machines were about to die. This the case with Jungle Warrior. Regardless which part of this adventure you are playing, the graphics are nice, colourful and well animated. Concerning gameplay, it is also a good game, as a result of the addition of some arcade elements. Nevertheless, I must admit there’s hardly anything in this game that can be considered really original, and of course, this is the kind of game in which without a map, you won’t do much more than walk around in circles.

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Screenshot of Just Get 9

Just Get 9

(Stéphane Gourichon, 2021)

This is a tile-based puzzle game that is played on a 5×5 grid. Each tile on the grid contains a number. Matching two or more tiles with the same number removes all of them and replaces them with a new tile with the following number – so, for example, if you can match six tiles, all with the number 2 on them, they are replaced with a single new tile with the number 3, and new tiles fall from the top of the screen to replace the tiles that have disappeared. It’s a simple concept that is quite similar to another popular puzzle game, 2048, but there’s a lot of strategic thinking involved as well, as you need to decide where to place new tiles and work out how the other tiles on the grid will align after you’ve matched tiles. It’s very well presented, with plenty of hints to guide you on how to play the game. Fans of puzzle games will love it.

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Screenshot of Justin


(CNGSoft, 2005)

Reviewed by Missas

Justin is a burglar who must open some safes in a mansion and escape within 60 minutes! You control him in this isometric 3D adventure, and besides stealing the gold, you must also open doors and avoid mice, dangerous plants and policemen! The graphics are brightly coloured and well drawn, the sprites have a satisfactory level of detail, and the animation is above average as well. There are some sound effects, but no in-game music. The game itself is very big and well designed. It will remind you often of Head Over Heels! The biggest drawback to Justin’s gameplay is its difficulty level, which is rather annoying. Besides, there are no continues; you have only four lives, and you must start over again and again in order to progress.

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