Screenshot of Future Knight

Future Knight

(Gremlin Graphics, 1986)

Reviewed by John Beckett

After crashlanding on an alien planet, you, as the Future Knight, must escape your massive ship, fight your way along the planet’s surface, and ultimately rescue some woman who was stolen from your ship. The first half of the game is undoubtedly the best, as you wander your ships corridors looking for the way out, using your ray-gun to blast the huge Transformer-like robot enemies into atoms. When you eventually reach the planet’s surface, the pace lessens somewhat, and the difficulty level rises quite a lot, but not enough to render the game unplayable. The graphics are gorgeous (I love those huge robots!), there are some nice futuristic tunes and sound effects, and the game is hugely addictive. Another triumph by Gremlin Graphics! Oh, one more thing, leave Future Knight standing still for a while and see what happens...

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Screenshot of Future Shock

Future Shock

(Tynesoft, 1987)

Reviewed by Pug

In this game from Tynesoft, you play a very happy-looking chap in a strange world indeed. Collecting items is the task at hand as you wander around this very weird place. Certain areas allow you to levitate, while others take control of you, throwing you to some hidden room. Each room is decorated with some very crude-looking platforms and oddly chosen colours. The sprites are all blocky and flickery, adding to the poor game that this one is. As you listen to the pleasant tune (which can be turned off in the tabs above the play area) something springs to mind here – weird game!

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