Screenshot of Les Aventures de Pépito au Mexique

Pépito is a cartoon character which is used in France to advertise a brand of sugary chocolate biscuits and cakes. You play Pépito, on the trail of some Mexican bandits who have stolen his supply of chocolate. The journey takes you across 34 screens, confronting the local wildlife, as well as chasms, boulders, and the bandits themselves. Most of the hazards are avoided by jumping over them, which requires some careful timing, although some enemies can be fought off by flinging your sombrero, or some chocolate biscuits, at them. The game is aimed at young children, so it’s slightly easy, but while the graphics are absolutely stunning, you have to wait 15 seconds on average for the next screen to load, and unless you have a lot of patience, you will soon find yourself losing your temper.

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Screenshot of Averno


(Proein Soft Line, 1989)

Reviewed by Robert Small

Averno is a single-screen arcade puzzle game which evokes more famous games of the era. It almost looks as if Taito could have released this in the arcades. It’s actually a Spanish release. Each screen is made up of bricks. Around the screen are placed keys, which are needed to unlock doors to progress to the next screen. To gain access to the keys and doors you must nudge the bricks carefully downwards. Do things the wrong way and the level will be impossible to complete. You’re also on a time limit. Graphically it’s in simple Mode 0 with basic sound effects and manic music. The game can be frustrating while you work out a solution to each screen and some form of variety in the graphics would have helped, but this isn’t a bad little game.

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