Screenshot of Zynaps


(Hewson, 1987)

Reviewed by Chris Lennard

A no-nonsense shoot-’em-up from the creators of Uridium, this is a more Nemesis-style state of affairs, with simple side scrolling action as you guide your trusty spacecraft against marauding alien crafts and defences along a space-based environment that flows quickly past you. Swatting the enemy ships is relatively easy in itself, but avoiding the protruding landscape and fire from the defences makes this a much tougher proposition, especially as you have no control of your speed. Thankfully, power-ups are available to pick up along the way, as you encounter even larger, better protected vessels and asteroids. So while it isn’t an original piece of gameplay, it does have some very colourful, pretty graphics, charming music and funky sound effects all in its favour.

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