Screenshot of Werner


(Ariolasoft, 1987)

Werner is a German cartoon character who has a big nose, likes beer and has a lot of fun, and he’s very popular in Germany. This is a selection of five games which you can play individually or together. One of them is a car ride where Werner is attacked by flying screwdrivers and melons (!). The game after it is also a car ride, but you must collect the right objects to win. Werner really wants a motorbike, though, and another game lets you assemble a motorbike by choosing various components. It’s possibly the most interesting of the games, but working out what parts to use requires a lot of patience. Then there’s a dice game called ‘diddling’ which is supposed to be played by three players. I suppose that the game is designed to be enjoyed with some friends, but as a one-player game it’s not much fun.

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Screenshot of West Bank

West Bank

(Dinamic/Gremlin Graphics, 1986)

Reviewed by John Beckett

Another excellent game; the joy of this one is in its simplicity. You play the Sheriff (well, his gun’s target) and in front of you are the three doors of West Bank, which is being robbed. The doors open randomly, and you must shoot down the mean-looking guys with bags of gold in their hands, and avoid the friendly-looking guys and the women. But beware, because as the levels go by, other characters start appearing. The graphics are great, and so is the music; a soulful, very cowboy-ish tune plays throughout, and you’ll be humming it all night! Also, the difficulty curve is excellent; early levels are no problem, but later ones are a nightmare! Overall, a very good and addictive game, although if I had any gripes, it would be the lack of locations that other games of the genre have.

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Screenshot of Western Games

Western Games

(Magic Bytes, 1987)

Compete against the computer or a friend in six cowboy-themed events. Arm wrestling is self-explanatory, while in beer shooting, you shoot beer glasses from someone’s hand – dangerous! In quid spitting, you chew tobacco and fire it into your opponent’s spittoon. Then there is milking, in which you must milk a cow, and eating, in which you must eat a bowl of stew. Finally, in the dancing game, a woman performs a dance, and you (as a burly cowboy) have to perform the same moves! The arm wrestling, beer shooting and dancing are quite good, but the other three events have very complex controls which totally spoil the fun. The graphics are really colourful, and the animation and presentation have to be seen to be believed, but it’s a shame that only three of the events are worth playing.

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Screenshot of Who Dares Wins II

Who Dares Wins II

(Alligata, 1986)

Reviewed by Javier Sáez

Once again, a single soldier faces a whole evil army. This is a Commando clone, with graphics that are a bit more detailed, although not as cute, and no scrolling. The gameplay is more or less what could be expected, but nevertheless, the aforementioned absence of scrolling makes the game less amusing than other arcade games of the same style, like Guerrilla War, Ikari Warriors or Mercs. It’s worth a few tries, but you’ll forget about it quickly.

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Screenshot of Who Said That?

Who Said That?

(Radical Software, 1994)

We’ve all heard some classic quotes made by the rich and the famous, but do you know who actually said them? This game contains hundreds of sets of quotes, and you get a new set on each round. In each round, you are given three or four quotes, one at a time, and you have to guess who said them, out of a list of several people. Getting it wrong earns you a fault – make four faults, and the game’s over. It does get hard pretty quickly, and if you want to progress, you’ll need a good memory!

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Screenshot of Whopper Chase

Whopper Chase

(Erbe, 1987)

Reviewed by Pug

Nice loading screen, an impressive options screen. Colourful graphics. Limited sound. This game seems to involve avoiding groups of nasties or shooting them. It all moves along in a sluggish manner, and you soon lose all your lives. You will become bored within 30 seconds of trying to play this game.

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Screenshot of Wibstars


(A’n’F, 1987)

Can you earn a living by delivering computer equipment to your customers? Starting at the warehouse, you load your van with cassettes, floppy discs, or Spectrums (ugh!). You then have to collect them as they fall down some chutes and then drive across town avoiding the debris left behind by the van in front of you. Having reached your destination, you now have to select the goods and move them around a series of platforms and conveyor belts, and try not to smash them. It sounds like a bizarre game, but play it and you’ll see... that it’s awful – really awful. The graphics look like your CPC has turned into a Spectrum, the sound is mediocre, and it’s far too difficult to make a profit.

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Screenshot of The Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch

(Firebird, 1985)

Reviewed by Robert Small

If you like westerns then this is definitely worth a play, and if you like adventure games, then even better. It’s got a very clever plot – nothing complicated, but I don’t want to spoil things for new players. All the western tropes are present. You can gamble and you will need to be quick on the draw. There are graphics in the game and although they are simple they are full of character (check out the wanted posters). For such a simple game a lot of additional details have been included to bring the Wild West alive for players. You can tell that a nice bit of effort has been made in creating this game. This is the Amstrad equivalent of your favourite classic western appearing on TV on a Saturday afternoon.

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Screenshot of Wild Streets
Screenshot taken from cartridge version of game

Wild Streets

(Titus, 1990)

The head of the CIA, John Steven, has been kidnapped, and you have been sent to rescue him. You also have a companion in the form of a panther called Black Virgin – although as you’ll find out, he (she?) is of almost no use! There are five levels, each one filled with gang members to beat up, but you can simply jump over them to the next screen without having to fight them. The only criminals you will need to kill are those on the last screen of the level, and you can use your gun to dispose of them easily. Once you’ve rescued Mr Steven, you must retrace your steps. The graphics and music are both of a high standard, but it’s far too easy to complete. As for the cartridge version, the choice of colours is better and the game is a bit faster, but it’s not much of an improvement and is just as easy to complete.

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Screenshot of Wild West Seymour

Wild West Seymour

(Code Masters, 1992)

Seymour is starring in his second movie, but once again, the film has been sabotaged by a mysterious man called El Bandeeto, and all of the studio team’s equipment has gone astray! You have to find all of it and then travel across America to shoot the rest of the film. Unfortunately, many of the objects have rather obvious uses and the puzzles aren’t exactly taxing, although there is one crafty trick in Act 3! The inclusion of the Game Genie only makes things even easier, and the tunes soon become rather grating to listen to. It is a reasonable game while it lasts, but it’s just that bit too easy.

See also: Sergeant Seymour Robot Cop, Seymour Goes to Hollywood, Seymour Stuntman, Super Seymour Saves the Planet.

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