Screenshot of Questor


(Cascade Games, 1986)

The daughter of the Nawab is being held prisoner in the Catacombs of Garr, and you must explore the catacombs and find a key that will free her so that your kingdom may be saved. You have a magic carpet that enables you to fly around the catacombs. There are many objects to be found; some of them are used to open locked doors, while others can be used to defeat enemies. This arcade adventure is poor. The graphics are nothing special and the sound effects are fairly basic. The worst aspect is that controlling your character is awkward. You can’t hover above the ground; instead you will drift to the left or right, which makes trying to avoid certain enemies infuriatingly difficult – and a lot of them will kill you instantly on contact.

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Screenshot of Questprobe featuring Human Torch and the Thing

Questprobe featuring Human Torch and the Thing

(Adventure International, 1986)

Reviewed by Pug

The third instalment in Scott Adams’ Questprobe adventure series, of which the first two parts never appeared on the CPC. Alicia Masters has been captured by Doctor Doom. Both superheroes – The Human Torch and The Thing – must work together and find a way into the heavily defended fortress of Doom. When the adventure starts, you find The Thing sinking deep into a tar pit. The Human Torch must find a way to save his team-mate – or can The Thing fight his way out? This adventure is unique in that you play two characters who will encounter different puzzles along the way. Text commands are simple affairs and the graphics are OK, but poor in places. This is a very hard adventure to crack, requiring a lot of thinking out of the box in order to progress, but for each puzzle you crack, you just need to see what happens next.

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Screenshot of Quick Draw McGraw

Quick Draw McGraw

(Hi-Tec Software, 1990)

Delivering goods across the Wild West is dangerous, so it’s up to Sheriff McGraw to guard some of the trains. Jump across the carriages, shooting the bad guys while trying to avoid them and their bullets. When you reach the front of the train, you encounter an enormous cowboy who jumps all over the screen, and you have to shoot him and avoid him simultaneously. On all of the levels except the first one (there are four in total), there is one carriage which you can enter, taking you to a sub-game where you shoot the heads of cowboys and gain extra points. The graphics are nice and colourful, and everything moves smoothly. Although it seems difficult at first, practice makes perfect, and you’ll find that it’s not a bad game.

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