Screenshot of Overkoban


(Futility Games, 2013)

Reviewed by Missas

Overkoban was an entrant in CPCWiki’s 16KB ROM game development competition held in 2013. The game begins with an amazing tune. Personally speaking, this is one of the best CPC tunes ever. The game has 50 levels and it is a brilliant puzzle game. The player needs to move the boxes to the correct positions to progress to the next level. The graphics are good and colourful but there is almost no in-game sound. Nevertheless, the music is simply amazing. The gameplay is great; the levels are very well designed and the difficulty level rises progressively. The grab factor is stronger than the grab of a wrestler! Overall, any CPC gamer needs to have at least one look at this terrific game. These are the fullest 16 kilobytes of mind-bending action you will ever experience!

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Screenshot of Overlander


(Elite, 1988)

Reviewed by Javier Sáez

The world has been devastated, the ozone layer disappeared long ago and so people have to live in isolated underground cities. Only the overlanders dare to face the perils of the outside world, delivering cargo between cities in their heavily armed cars. That is, for a price. Needless to say that the money earned for each delivery will allow you to buy better weapons and improvements for your car. Regarding graphics and sound, Overlander is quite an average game, almost a Spectrum conversion. Nevertheless, the gameplay makes it an interesting game, with a Mad Max touch that the player will enjoy, at least for a while.

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Screenshot of Oxphar


(Ere Informatique, 1987)

  • Knowledge of French is required in order to play this game properly.

You have been transported from Earth to the land of Do. Your name is now Oxphar and your quest is to find the blue stone of Savanah. Do is a surreal land of fantasy in which you will meet many different kinds of characters, both human and non-human. At the start of the game, you are carrying nothing, but picking up a bank card will allow you to access the armoury. Objects can be taken from it and used appropriately, but this is where this French adventure game disappoints. It’s not at all obvious what the objects are; you can’t examine them, or your surroundings, and you can’t talk to any of the characters. Most players will have considerable difficulty in working out the use of the large majority of the objects. The pictures accompanying each location are astoundingly beautiful and well drawn, but they’re wasted on a mediocre game such as this one.

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