Piero Serra has reviewed two games:

Ninja Grannies is another previously unreleased game that Dean Hickingbottom recovered in 2017 and released to the Amstrad CPC community. It was offered to various software houses at the time, but none of them wanted to publish it. The concept must have been too controversial even back then!

I have reviewed six games, including one candidate for “worst Amstrad CPC game ever”:

It honestly feels a little like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to finding arcade games to review, but there are still hundreds of Amstrad CPC games of other genres that haven’t been reviewed yet.

Mayhem converted to the Amstrad CPC

Screenshot of Mayhem
Kevin Thacker has converted the ZX Spectrum game Mayhem to the Amstrad CPC, with the permission of its original author, Mark Incley. Mayhem was originally released by budget publisher The Power House in 1987. It doesn’t seem to have received much attention at the time, with only Crash! magazine reviewing the game and rating it 42%.

In the game, you have to disarm a nuclear bomb that has been placed on board a spaceship and is due to detonate in 30 minutes! Starting on deck 1, you have to wander around the four decks of the ship and collect the four pieces of the code to deactivate the bomb, which is located on deck 4. You can download Mayhem from NVG or CPCRulez.

I have reviewed three games:

Piero Serra has reviewed two more games:

Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons was originally released by Psygnosis under their Psyclapse label for various 8-bit and 16-bit machines in 1989. However, although an Amstrad CPC version was completed, Psygnosis never released it. It wasn’t until 2017 that Dean Hickingbottom, one of the members of the development team that programmed the game, recovered it and released it to the Amstrad CPC community.

Piero Serra is back with reviews of two games:

Shadow Hunter

Screenshot of Shadow Hunter
Mananuk has released the Amstrad CPC version of Shadow Hunter. You play Jack Slimer, and your mission is to clear a sweet factory of ghosts that have made it their home. The factory consists of 32 rooms spread over four floors, and you have to clear each room one at a time using your proton blaster. It’s strongly inspired by the Ghostbusters franchise and it’s a nice little platform game in the style of most of Mananuk’s previous releases. You can download Shadow Hunter from itch.io.

Bomb Jack remake

For those of you who frequent the CPCWiki forums, this is old news by now, but if you’re not aware of it, then it’s quite exciting. A man from New Zealand called Anthony Flack has been working on a remake of Bomb Jack for the Amstrad CPC, and it looks utterly amazing. The original release from Elite is pretty good, but this remake is something else altogether. For me, the most impressive aspects are the Mode 1 graphics, which use dithering to excellent effect to give an illusion of additional colours, and the large number of sprites on the screen, moving against a background, at 50 frames per second. It has to be seen to be believed!

Anthony has uploaded a video to YouTube showing the game in progress; jump to 1:53 to see the game in action on a real CTM644 monitor!

I have reviewed three games:

Ramiro el Vampiro en el Misterio del Papiro

Screenshot of Ramiro el Vampiro en el Misterio del Papiro
The Mojon Twins have just released the latest game to feature Ramiro the vampire, titled Ramiro el Vampiro en el Misterio del Papiro. It’s the fourth game in the series, although it’s only the second one to be released for the Amstrad CPC. Ramiro was drinking with Ramón the Pharaoh, who told him about a papyrus scroll that is hidden within the pyramid of Ejemplo. The scroll was broken up into four pieces that were scattered around the pyramid, but it contains a spell that can control the movement of the Sun! If Ramiro could retrieve all the pieces of the scroll, he could become the most feared vampire in the province of Badajoz.

The game uses a similar gameplay mechanic to Ramiro el Vampiro III, in that Ramiro must avoid the gaze of the Egyptian eyes located in certain rooms. If an eye is open and Ramiro is in its field of vision, his energy will be drained. (A word of warning for people with epilepsy – the border flashes rapidly when this happens.) Ramiro el Vampiro en el Misterio del Papiro can be downloaded from itch.io.

Paleto Jones II

Screenshot of Paleto Jones II
Mananuk has released Paleto Jones II. After rescuing his uncle Ramón from captivity in the jungle, Paleto Jones sets out on a mission to retrieve Bartolo’s Flute – a musical instrument with magical powers. The game was previously given away with issue 5 of AmtixCPC Micro Action (which can be purchased from Fusion Retro Books), but you can now download it from itch.io.

Mananuk is due to release another game soon called Shadow Hunter for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, although I don’t have any other information about it at the moment.