Revenge of Trasmoz

Box artwork of Revenge of Trasmoz
Box artwork of Revenge of Trasmoz
Volcano Bytes have been working for some time on a platform game for the Amstrad CPC called Revenge of Trasmoz. The game can now be pre-ordered from and costs €27.00 for cassette and 3½″ disc formats and €31.00 if you want to obtain it on a 3″ disc (these prices exclude shipping costs). It has been programmed by Carlos Pérez Perezgrín, who has previously participated in the #CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest with entries such as Ánima, Survive the Week, and most recently, Deep, Deeper, Deepest.

More information about the game is available at Volcano Bytes’ page, and XeNoMoRPH has published footage of the game being played on YouTube, which you can also watch below.

Xyphoe will also be playing Revenge of Trasmoz on his YouTube livestream this Friday 17th March, starting at 21:00 GMT (22:00 CET).

Gameplay footage of Revenge of Trasmoz on YouTube

Robert Small has reviewed two more games:

Robert Small has reviewed two games:

I have reviewed three games, all of which were released recently:

Bubble Quest

You may remember back in October 2021 that a video of a game called Bubble Quest was posted to YouTube. Barjack has just announced on the CPCWiki forum that the graphics and music are nearly complete, and the development team hopes that it will be released later in 2023.

Bubble Quest will only be available for the GX4000 and Plus machines, and the plan is to release it as a physical cartridge first. Normally, GX4000 cartridges have a maximum size of 512KB, but Bubble Quest will require 2MB! The game will also feature an animated introduction lasting several minutes.

I’ve included three screenshots below, but if you go to the CPCWiki forum, you’ll see them in animated form, along with some animated sections of the introduction – and I strongly recommend you watch them, as while the screenshots below look spectacular, they really don’t do this game justice!

Robert Small has reviewed two games:

Jet-Paco: Hyper Special Space Agent

Screenshot of Jet-Paco: Hyper Special Space Agent
Screenshot of Jet-Paco: Hyper Special Space Agent
The Mojon Twins have released yet another game for the Amstrad CPC! This time, it’s Jet-Paco: Hyper Special Space Agent, which they have previously released for the NES and Sega SG-1000 consoles. This is a cute platform game consisting of three stages in which you play either Jet Paco (a boy) or Jet Puri (a girl). You have to fly around an abandoned spaceship collecting energy crystals. Jet-Paco: Hyper Special Space Agent can be downloaded from

SOH Tactics GX

SOHDE has released a new game for the GX4000 and Plus machines called SOH Tactics GX. It’s a turn-based strategy game with isometric graphics and consists of 35 missions spread over five stages that can be played in any order. Each mission takes place on a single screen, and in each turn, you move your knight around the screen and attempt to defeat all the enemies without losing too many health points (energy). You have a choice of one weapon to use for each mission, and you also have an exhaustion attribute; as your exhaustion increases, your ability to inflict damage on enemies and protect yourself against enemy attacks is reduced. You can download SOH Tactics GX from SOHDE’s site.

The Brush Brothers

Screenshot of The Brush Brothers
Screenshot of The Brush Brothers
Iván Ávila has released another game. This one is called The Brush Brothers, and it’s a one- or two-player platform game in which you have to paint all the platforms on each screen. If you’ve played Bounty Bob Strikes Back, the gameplay is quite similar. If you can find an additional player, there is the option of playing in co-operative mode (where you work together to complete a screen) or versus mode (where each player tries to paint as many platforms as possible before their opponent). The Brush Brothers can be downloaded from

Arno Dash – 500 new Boulder Dash levels

Screenshot of Arno Dash
Fans of the classic game Boulder Dash should love Arno Dash. Peter Meier has previously released several modified versions of the Amstrad CPC version of Boulder Dash, but this latest offering consists of 500 new levels! That should keep any Boulder Dash fanatic busy for a long time.

All of the levels were designed by Arno Weber, who released his own modified versions of Boulder Dash for the Commodore 64, which you can download from his fan site. Amstrad CPC users can download Arno Dash from NVG.

Thanks to Peter Meier on the CPCWiki forum for the news.

Robert Small has reviewed two games: