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Pinball Dreams

Screenshot of Pinball Dreams
Screenshot of Pinball Dreams
I’ve been on holiday for two weeks without any Internet access, so no doubt all of you who are CPC fans will be aware of one of the biggest new releases that the Amstrad CPC has seen in years. Yes, BG Games has finally released the full version of Pinball Dreams!

A playable preview of Pinball Dreams was released back in October 2016, and in February 2019, BG Games announced that the game was finished and they were in negotiations with Rebellion, who hold the intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, while those negotiations ultimately didn’t conclude successfully (which BG Games have documented in a Twitter thread), BG Games have decided to release the game anyway, on the understanding that it is strictly an unofficial conversion of the Amiga classic, it has not been formally endorsed by Rebellion, and it is not to be offered for sale.

I have no hesitation in stating that Pinball Dreams is by far the best pinball game to be released for the CPC, and it’s arguably one of the best games to be released for the CPC, full stop. BG Games can be thoroughly proud of themselves for this conversion. If you haven’t tried it already, you can download it from pouët.net.

Chronicles of Nanako

Cover of Chronicles of Nanako
Cover of Chronicles of Nanako
Bitmap Soft have recently released a compilation called Chronicles of Nanako. It contains new versions of two games by the Mojon Twins – Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle and Nanako Descends to Hell. It’s available on cassette and you can purchase copies from Bitmap Soft’s site for £10.00, excluding shipping.

Acción y Aventura

ESP Soft are planning to celebrate their 15th anniversary with the release of a compilation called Acción y Aventura, which will include three of their games – one text adventure and two platform games:

The compilation will initially be available only at the RUN”AUA event in Madrid on Saturday 19th October 2019. I don’t know if they will release additional copies after the event.

I have spent the Easter holidays reviewing six games, most of which were released fairly recently:

Amstrad Gamers’ Choice Award 2018

RetroGamerNation has revealed the results of the recent Amstrad Gamers’ Choice Award 2018 poll on YouTube. Nice to see that the top three games reflect my choices as well, albeit not in the same order!

Amstrad Gamers' Choice Award 2018 on YouTube

GameHammer’s YouTube channel added

I’ve added links to videos on GameHammer Classic Gaming’s YouTube channel on my site. This channel is run by Zoë Kirk-Robinson and it features a variety of videos, including occasional reviews of Amstrad CPC games and multi-format comparisons of games, similar to the ones you’ll find on ChinnyVision.

Vintage is the New Old and Retro Video Gamer are running a poll called the Amstrad CPC Gamers’ Choice Award, to decide the best Amstrad CPC game released in 2018. Thirteen games have been nominated, and you can vote for your favourite three games. The vote closes at 23:59 GMT on Monday 25th March 2019.


Screenshot of Scramble
Screenshot of Scramble
PuzCPC has converted Konami’s 1981 coin-op game Scramble to the CPC. For those who don’t know, Scramble is a horizontally scrolling shoot-’em-up in which you fly along a landscape shooting aliens and frantically bombing ground targets, missile launchers and fuel tanks in an attempt to stay alive for as long as possible. PuzCPC has spent ten months programming it and it is amazing just how faithfully it has been reproduced on the CPC!

You can download Scramble from the CPCWiki forum. The reception from CPCWiki forum members has been overwhelmingly positive, and if you haven’t tried it already, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Novabug, in collaboration with Indie Retro News, has uploaded a YouTube video which contains an exclusive first look at the full version of Pinball Dreams, with footage from all four tables. It looks amazing!

Pinball Dreams video on YouTube

Batman Group has tweeted that the Amstrad CPC version of Pinball Dreams was finished in November 2018 and they are negotiating with Rebellion, who hold the intellectual property rights to the game. Keep your fingers crossed that an agreement will be reached and we’ll see a full official version of Pinball Dreams for the CPC soon!

Pinball Dreams teaser video on YouTube

A preview version of Pinball Dreams with one table (Beat Box) was released in late 2016, and if you’ve yet to try it, you can download it from NVG.

Repoker de Ases cartridge
Repoker de Ases
4MHz are planning to release a unique product for the CPC – a compilation of five of their games on a single cartridge that plugs into the back of your CPC! The good news for CPC464 owners is that all of the games are now compatible with machines with 64KB of RAM; some of the games originally required 128KB of RAM.

The cartridge is limited to 150 units, and if you place an order by 28th of February, it will cost you €39.95 (excluding shipping). After this date, it will cost €45.00. 4MHz has stated that everyone who places an order before 28th of February will have their names included in the main menu and the instruction manual.

Here’s a list of the five games that will be included in the compilation, with links to their reviews on this site:

Phantomas 2.0

Screenshot of Phantomas 2.0
Screenshot of Phantomas 2.0
Jordi Sureda and Santi Ontañón released Phantomas 2.0 on the 1st of February. It’s a remake of Dinamic’s 1986 release Phantomas 2, which British readers will know better as the Code Masters release Vampire. Phantomas 2 is regarded as a classic in its native Spain, but the Amstrad CPC version looked rather ugly and Spectrum-like.

Phantomas 2.0 features improved graphics using the CPC’s high-colour, low-resolution Mode 0, and several tunes are also included. The control method has also been altered; the original game enabled you to jump in two different ways using two different keys, but to simplify the gameplay, only one key is now used to control the extent of your jumps.

You can download Phantomas 2.0 from Santi Ontañón’s GitHub page, and physical cassette copies are also available from Matra for €8.75 (excluding shipping).

New reviews

I have reviewed the first three games in a series of six by the French publisher Chip that star secret agent Karl Adrix, also known as KA: