Screenshot of MiG-29 Soviet Fighter

MiG-29 Soviet Fighter

(Code Masters, 1989)

The MiG-29 is a Russian-built single-seater fighter aircraft, and you’re flying on a series of missions to bomb tanks and shoot enemy fighters and helicopters – although it’s unclear who the enemy is. You’ve got four types of weapons at your disposal, and after the second mission, you can collect an H-bomb and use it – wow! It’s a shame that the controls are a bit awkward, as you have to cycle through the list of weapons to get the one you want, while at the same time trying to dodge enemy fire. The graphics are mediocre and the music and sound effects are poor, too.

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Screenshot of Mike Gunner

Mike Gunner

(Dinamic, 1988)

Mike Gunner is the best detective in the country. His latest assignment sees him in the city of Robbland, which has been taken over by armed criminals. This is a target shooting game which can be only played using MHT’s Gunstick; it cannot be played using the keyboard or joystick, which is a shame. The game consists of just two levels. The first level takes place in Central Park, while the second level is set in Killing Street – nice name! On each level, you must gain 25,000 points by shooting the criminals, while not shooting at policemen or innocent civilians. The first level is fairly relaxed – in fact, it’s a bit too relaxed – but the second level is much more hectic and a lot more fun. The graphics are excellent, and despite the problems with the first level, this is arguably one of the best games for the Gunstick.

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Screenshot of Mike Read’s Computer Pop Quiz

Mike Read was a household name in the UK for many years, presenting many radio and TV programmes. One of these was Pop Quiz, in which two teams containing pop stars took part in a quiz answering questions related to music. This game is based on the quiz and can be played against the computer or a friend. Each team selects three pop stars, each of whom has their own specialist type of music, and you simply answer questions in each of the rounds. The digitised graphics are pretty good, but even if you’re a big fan of 1980s music, you’ll probably find sitting through endless questions a bit tedious.

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Screenshot of Mike the Guitar

Mike the Guitar

(Sebastian Braunert/Uwe Geiken, 2018)

Reviewed by Missas

Mike the Guitar is an old-fashioned platform game where you control Mike, a guitar that has to collect eight plectrums. The whole scenery takes place on a musical sheet. It is a rather basic but nevertheless amusing little game that will transport you into the pre-1985 gaming era. There are no levels and everything is basic, from the graphics to the gameplay. It is not the easiest game, though, but it definitely offers the player some enjoyable time. I found it quite amusing and I also liked the concept. Overall, it is an original idea that deserves some attention.

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Screenshot of Mikie


(Imagine, 1986)

Mikie is infatuated with a gorgeous girl in another class, but to woo her, he has to collect hearts. This means bunking off classes, so first of all, he’s got to collect the hearts which his classmates are sitting on by farting next to them (yuk!) and forcing them to move to another desk, while avoiding the teacher. Subsequent levels see you in other rooms in the school collecting more hearts, before fighting off her admirers and kissing her on the cheek – awww! This was apparently the first game ever to feature semi-naked women, although the graphics aren’t up to much, and neither is the game itself – getting out of the classroom is far too difficult.

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Screenshot of Milk Race

Milk Race

(Mastertronic, 1987)

The Milk Race was a 1,000-mile cycle race across England, and the last one was held in 1993. In the game, you’re competing against 83 other cyclists in the 1987 event, starting in Newcastle upon Tyne and finishing in the streets of London. The competitors are spread out into groups at the start of each stage, and to qualify for the next stage, you must finish ahead of the other members of your group. It sounds like a joystick-waggling game, but thankfully it isn’t; you just have to select the right speed and gears for the terrain, and there’s a box at the top right of the screen which shows the gradient. You can collect milk bottles to boost your energy as well. The graphics aren’t spectacular, but the music is really good. It’s good while it lasts, because ultimately the game is rather easy.

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Screenshot of Le Millionnaire

Le Millionnaire

(Ere Informatique, 1985)

Reviewed by Guillaume Chalard

  • Knowledge of French is required in order to play this game properly.

You’re a businessman who tries to become a millionaire. I guess that wasn’t the case of the creator of this game... You first have to decide which products you want to sell, and the skill level of your opponent (you may as well play against a human player). Then, you adjust a few parameters (price, quality, etc.) and the computer will tell you how much money you’ve earned... and that’s all! There are no pictures, except a few diagrams. It’s written in BASIC and it shows. Forget this one!

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Screenshot of Minder


(DK’Tronics, 1985)

Reviewed by Robert Small

The easiest thing do to with a licensed game is to turn it into a platform game or some other recognisable genre, but DK’Tronics haven’t done that. To their credit, they have taken a TV show about wheeling and dealing and created a trading game. Is this an Arthur Daley con on the CPC or a good deal? Graphically we are in Spectrum territory, but having said that, the graphics have some nice little touches, such as the animated mouths on the characters. The theme tune from the TV series is there as well. If you’re not familiar with it, you will be by the time you’re finished, as it’s ever-present. You can visit multiple locations, meeting many characters who you can try to sell to or purchase from while avoiding the law. Waiting for said characters to show up is a pain but it’s part and parcel of simulating the world of Minder. No con then, but not the deal of the century either.

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Screenshot of Mindfighter


(Abstract Concepts, 1988)

Southampton, 1988; nuclear bombs have been dropped on the UK, and China has taken control with a totalitarian régime known as The System. A boy called Robin has transported himself to this scenario while his body remains in the present, in 1987. Can he prevent this nuclear holocaust from occurring? This is an intriguing text adventure which is based on a book which also comes with the game; it’s necessary to read it to understand the background to events, and what you need to do. The locations are laid out in an extremely confusing and illogical manner which will frustrate many people, and random events can occur which prevent you from making progress. Despite this, I found the game to be quite gripping, although you will need a lot of patience to play it.

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Screenshot of Mindshadow


(Activision, 1985)

Reviewed by Pug

In Mindshadow, you find yourself stranded upon a desert island with no memory of how you arrived there. Your first task is therefore to find a means of escape making use of the objects scattered around the island. Each location is accompanied by a (quickly rendered) image relative to your positon on the game map, adding an extra sense of realism to the game. Some of the scenery will change once you’ve solved a puzzle – a nice touch. The game also includes an interactive tutorial to help get you started. Mindshadow quickly becomes an addictive challenge, especially after you escape the island and learn more about your past.

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