Screenshot of Altered Beast

Altered Beast

(Activision, 1989)

Reviewed by Javier Sáez

The master of all Gods, Zeus, commands you to rise from your grave and rescue his daughter. How could you refuse? After all, Zeus will send you some power-ups to increase your fighting abilities. Whenever you collect a few of them, your character will turn into a beast – either a werewolf or a dragon, depending on which level you are playing. This is quite a bad coin-op conversion. You’ll see graphics close to the original game, although the sprites lack definition. Apart from that, your character moves slowly, the scrolling is awful and hitting the enemies requires patience most of the time. There’s a tune playing throughout the game, but it doesn’t improve the overall impression of it.

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Screenshot of Alternative World Games

Alternative World Games

(Gremlin Graphics, 1987)

Reviewed by Pug

Eight wacky world events await you in this game – a sack race, plate balancing, river jumping, boot throwing, pole climbing, running up a wall, pillow fighting, and last but not least – pogo. Each event can be practiced, and believe me, if you want to get anywhere with this one, you’d better do that. The controls for each game are different, sluggish and add a high degree of confusion. The graphics are very detailed with good animation, but the rate at which everything moves, mixed with the hard to understand controls, just ruins everything.

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Screenshot of Amaurote


(Mastertronic, 1987)

The city of Amaurote has been invaded by a plague of giant insects, but instead of getting out a can of fly killer, you have to eradicate them by using bouncing bombs – and with 25 districts of the city to clear, it’s going to be a long task. In each district, you must clear all of the insects using the bombs, and then you must ask your commanding officer to send you a supa-bomb in order to destroy the Queen insect. The isometric graphics are really impressive, and the wonderfully atmospheric music is some of the best I’ve ever heard on the CPC. It will take some practice to get used to operating the bombs and working out the best way to kill the insects, but once you do, it’s quite engrossing. However, the magnitude of the task means some players may find the gameplay to be too repetitive.

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Screenshot of The Amazing Shrinking Man

The Amazing Shrinking Man

(Infogrames, 1986)

Professor Nitro has accidentally drunk one of his own concoctions and has shrunk so much that he has fallen into the rubbish bin next to his desk! Now he has to find all the pieces of paper in the bin which contain the formula, and then create an antidote in his laboratory. You have to bounce around the rubbish bin, using various objects as platforms, while avoiding falling into discarded cans and puddles of water. This proves to be a very frustrating exercise, as there are few opportunities for you to ascend or walk around, and you’ll often find yourself falling a long way back down the bin. The graphics are nice and colourful, the scrolling is very smooth indeed, and the music is catchy, but playing the game will test anyone’s patience to the limit.

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Screenshot of AMC


(Dinamic, 1989)

You’re the best marine in the Astro Marine Corps, and you’ve been sent to the planet Dendar to rescue some of your fellow marines. Dendar is host to all manner of horrible monsters and robots, but fortunately you’re armed with a huge gun that’ll sort most of them out, and you’ve got a supply of grenades too. There is also a healthy range of power-ups to collect. In short, it’s your usual sci-fi shoot-’em-up, but this one is good. The graphics are absolutely luscious, the scrolling is fast, and the explosions when you kill monsters are great. It would get a higher mark if the levels were shorter.

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Screenshot of Amélie Minuit

Amélie Minuit

(Ere Informatique, 1985)

Reviewed by Guillaume Chalard

  • Knowledge of French is required in order to play this game properly.

Amélie is a young woman who works in a skyscraper. She figures out that she has forgotten an important file and decides to return to her office. But it’s 11pm and she’s got only one hour to find it. At midnight, the building will be closed and the power turned off. There are 29 floors and 224 rooms to explore, and the lift randomly stops, wasting precious time. Amélie must find her glasses, keys, and other items to reach her goal. Now, I doubt you’ll have the patience to help her. The graphics are dull; every room looks like the previous one. Amélie looks like she’s made of matches and even at the fastest speed, the game is desperately slow. To make things even worse, you have to be exactly in front of a door to open it – and there are 336 doors to open!

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Screenshot of American Tag Team Wrestling

American Tag Team Wrestling

(Zeppelin Games, 1992)

Reviewed by Missas

American Tag Team Wrestling is a two-versus-two wrestling game. You can choose from eight different teams and fight your way to the championship. The graphics are average – not much detail on the sprites and in the background. Besides that, all the teams look the same in the ring! There is a small variety of moves; one kick, one grab, one punch, and that’s all. You can also run and execute a flying kick, but you will never hit the target. The gameplay suffers; you will probably be badly beaten by the computer, and because of the small variety of moves, you will become bored easily. The sound is almost absent, just like the grab factor. Overally, this game is light years behind WWF WrestleMania and it is a hasty job.

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Screenshot of American Turbo-King

American Turbo-King

(Mastertronic, 1989)

Drive your car around six obstacle courses while avoiding other cars, as well as the bombs that are dropped by planes and helicopters. You’ll have to memorise each course thoroughly – if you don’t, you’ll probably reach a dead end and have to reverse your car, which costs so much time that you’ll have to start again anyway. The graphics are average and while the tune is excellent, there are hardly any sound effects, and your car is totally silent. It’s quite a slow game as well and not really worth bothering with.

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Screenshot of Amo del Mundo

Amo del Mundo

(Positive, 1990)

Reviewed by Robert Small

Amo del Mundo translates to “Master of the World”. It’s a Spanish take on a Jules Verne novel. Rather than a one-for-one retelling, it shares similar ideas and does its own thing. At heart it’s an action game but with a tricky puzzle element as well. As it’s a Spanish game, it’s rather on the difficult side. The main sprite reminded me of either Boba Fett or one of the heroes from MASK. He’s animated OK with some nice abilities, and the graphics are quite detailed. There is a lack of colour and the game struggles when things get busy, and the sound effects are rather annoying. Sadly this is an extremely frustrating game. It wants you to search for and collect items but it also won’t give you five seconds of peace, which means getting your head around the puzzle mechanics is just too much.

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Screenshot of Los Amores de Brunilda

Los Amores de Brunilda

(Retroworks, 2021)

Fray Gonzalo was making a pilgrimage with his companion Fray Cesáreo when they decided to rest at a village – but the house in which they are staying is haunted by the ghost of a woman named Brunilda, and Cesáreo has become the victim of a curse and is unconscious. Gonzalo must find a way to lift the curse and awaken Cesáreo. This is an excellent graphic adventure with extremely cute and colourful graphics and several wonderfully atmospheric tunes. The presentation is further enhanced with some beautiful animations of burning fires and candles, fountains and ticking grandfather clocks. The sheer size of the game means that it can only be played using the Dandanator hardware device, which few emulators support, but you will be kept occupied for some time as you attempt to solve the many puzzles in your quest to free poor Cesáreo from his curse.

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