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Screenshot of Silent Service

Silent Service

(MicroProse, 1986)

You are in control of a fleet of American submarines based in the Pacific Ocean during World War II, and you must simply sink as many Japanese ships as you can. You can try some target practice or attempt various missions which recreate actual events in the Pacific, and depending on your experience, you can adjust the difficulty and realism levels. This is an extremely realistic game (in fact, the West German authorities banned it from general sale because of this) and it's clear that a lot of attention has been put into this. It's not exactly for action fans – it's very much a strategy game, and you must plan your actions carefully – but if you like these sorts of games, then this is a winner.

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Screenshot of Silent Shadow

Silent Shadow

(Topo Soft, 1988)

An enormous bomber plane, equipped with the most advanced technology known, has just been launched – the Silent Shadow. Its mission is to fly to the outskirts of a city to destroy an enemy base. However, the Silent Shadow's sheer size makes it relatively vulnerable, so you (and perhaps a friend) must pilot a much smaller fighter and destroy enemy ground targets and planes to make way for the Silent Shadow. There are four levels, each one an unrelenting onslaught of enemy firepower. Your fighter can hold up to three bombs at a time, and many more can be collected along the way – and you'll need to use them regularly. The graphics are undoubtedly very nice, but it's difficult to make out the enemy's bullets, and there are so many enemies to face that you will probably never reach the end of the first level.

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Screenshot of Silkworm


(Virgin Games, 1988)

This horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up is better than most other offerings. You control a helicopter and you just blast away at the enemy helicopters and missile bases. On every level, there's a helicopter which has to be hit in the right place, and then there's the end-of-level helicopter which is very big indeed. There are also extra firepower and invincibility bonuses to collect. It's colourful with lots of explosions, and if there's an extra player handy, it's possible to play with a jeep, although it's not as powerful as the helicopter. One warning, though – don't play this game if you suffer from epilepsy, as the screen flashes quite a lot.

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Screenshot of Sim City

Sim City

(Infogrames, 1990)

Ahh... it's one of the most famous games ever, and it did appear on the CPC. You have to build your own city, starting with a power station and then building residential, commercial and industrial zones, and making the infrastructure of roads, railways and power lines. You must also make sure your citizens are happy. There is a limitless number of ways to play this game, and it is great fun – especially when you initiate a few disasters! The colour scheme isn't the best but the graphics are excellent all the same, although the beep is horrible – and it also couldn't save or load cities with some disc drives (such as mine); not that this is a problem now that we have emulators...

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Screenshot of The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

This game is loosely based on an episode from the TV series. The space mutants have arrived at Springfield and are causing chaos, and as Bart Simpson, you're the only one who can stop them. In the first level, the aliens have sprayed some objects purple, and you have to paint them red using a spray can and any other objects you can find a use for. The second level involves collecting hats and knocking them off people's heads (!), and in the third level, you must collect and shoot balloons – and so it goes on. The graphics are very colourful, albeit basic, and Bart looks just like the guy you see on TV. There isn't much sound, though. It's a cute little platform game and I like it, although the levels are a bit long.

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Screenshot of Sir Ababol

Sir Ababol

(The Mojon Twins, 2010)

Reviewed by Missas

In this arcade adventure, you control a young crusader named Sir Ababol who wishes to go to Jerusalem but unfortunately loses his sword. On his journey to recover it, he has to collect the strange ababol flowers. To begin with, the graphics use only four colours (Mode 1), however from screen to screen the colours change. Besides that, they are atmospheric and detailed. The controls are simple and they are executed with precision from Sir Ababol, which is a great advantage for the game, since you have to avoid many enemies during your quest. The sound is good and there are some nice effects throughout the game, and the music is atmospheric and well written. The gameplay is fast-paced, but the game itself is neither very large nor too difficult. The grab factor is strong. As a whole, this is a very entertaining game, and if the Mojon Twins continue like this, they will soon become a legend in the CPC scene.

See also: Sir Ababol NES-OM Edition.

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Screenshot of Sir Ababol NES-OM Edition

Sir Ababol NES-OM Edition

(The Mojon Twins, 2018)

Sir Ababol has lost his sword and has to travel across the land to collect 24 red poppies in order to continue his journey to Jerusalem and retrieve his sword. Although this is a remake of The Mojon Twins' 2010 release, there are enough changes for it to be considered a different game. The graphics use the CPC's more colourful Mode 0, which is a major improvement on the original game, which looks rather drab in comparison. Enemies can now be killed by jumping on their heads (they were invulnerable in the original game), and instead of energy, you have three lives. Controlling Sir Ababol is much easier now and he moves much faster and more smoothly, and the music is better as well. In fact, everything about the game has been improved, and the game benefits greatly from these enhancements and it's fun to play.

See also: Sir Ababol.

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Screenshot of Sir Fred

Sir Fred

(Made in Spain, 1986)

Reviewed by Robert Small

There are a lot of things to like about this arcade adventure/platform game. The graphics are colourful and our hero Fred has some nice animations like skidding to a halt, lowering himself from ledges and landing on his backside! The enemies are cute, the puzzles aren't difficult and it makes a change that water doesn't kill you. However, this is the game that almost put me off rope swinging for life. It's so bad that it left me in fear every time I came across a rope in subsequent games. There is a familiar tune on the title screen and the sound effects are functional. If it wasn't for the controls it would score higher.

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Screenshot of Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot

(Melbourne House, 1985)

Take on the role of Sir Lancelot and explore a castle consisting of 24 rooms. In each of these rooms, you must collect several objects before you can visit another one – but there are also lots of monsters which you must dodge. This simple but delightful platform game was released in the early stages of the CPC's life, so the graphics are rather crude, but don't be fooled. There is some wonderful platforming action on offer, and while experienced players will find that most of the rooms pose little difficulty to them, completing all of the rooms will still be a challenge.

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Screenshot of Sirwood


(Opera Soft, 1989)

The village of Nargoot was fairly prosperous, thanks to the Golden Shield – a shield with magical properties. However, the dark magician Amargol has stolen it. Enter Arn, a farmer from the village who has set out on a quest to find the shield and return it. This is a wonderful game with three levels which each load separately. Each level contains lots of monsters which must be shot, and several larger enemies which can only be destroyed with a particular weapon. You must also collect six objects in order to complete each level – if you reach the end. The most remarkable aspect of this game is the graphics; they are absolutely luscious, with really big sprites. As a result, the game moves a bit slowly, but it's nothing to worry about.

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