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Screenshot of Pro BMX Simulator

Pro BMX Simulator

(Codemasters, 1988)

It's time to get on your bike again, as you race against three other BMX bikers to complete three laps of each course before your time runs out. Believe it or not, up to four players can play against each other. There are three sets of tracks – dirt biking, desert riding and quarry racing – and there's also a choice of playing in either standard or expert mode (where you have to choose chain and wheel sizes for your bike). It's tough enough even in standard mode – the first two courses are quite easy, but after that, the time limit becomes far too tight to beat.

See also: BMX Simulator, BMX Simulator 2.

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Screenshot of The Prodigy

The Prodigy

(Electric Dreams, 1986)

The Machine Sorcerer Wardlock has created an organic lifeform in his Mechlab laboratories – but Solo the Syntheman doesn't want to be experimented on for the rest of his life (and who can blame him?), and he wants to escape from the Mechlabs with baby Nejo, who will need to be fed with milk and have his nappy cleaned occasionally, like all babies. The Mechlabs are divided into four zones and are also filled with Wardlock's previous experimental creations. Contact with these sends Solo all the way back to the start of the maze. This is no fun whatsoever, and to make matters worse, none of the monsters can be killed. The isometric graphics are reasonable, but I suggest you turn the volume down; the music (if you can call it that) is probably the worst you will ever hear on the CPC!

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Screenshot of Profanation


(Chip, 1987)

You're a treasure hunter, exploring the Egyptian pyramids with no regard for the sanctity of the place (the name of the game means 'desecration' in English) and grabbing whatever treasures you can find. Naturally, there are lots of monsters which will kill you if you touch them; mummies, beetles, blobs of slime, and bats which home in on you very quickly. Fortunately, you are armed with a gun to shoot the monsters, but after you've shot a monster, another one will appear. In essence, it's a Gauntlet clone with some very detailed graphics, but it's too easy and you'll soon get a sense of déjà vu when the levels soon start to repeat themselves.

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Screenshot of Professional Ski Simulator

Professional Ski Simulator

(Codemasters, 1987)

I've never gone skiing in my life, but this simulation lets you compete against the computer or another player on several pistes. The screen scrolls down slowly and if you don't keep up, then you'll lose sight of where you are and it will be almost impossible to recover. You also have to complete each piste within a time limit. This may seem easy but it most certainly isn't. The controls are rather awkward and it's often difficult to get your skier moving, and seeing the computer sweep through each set of flags with ease doesn't exactly raise your morale. I like the beautifully detailed scenery and the music, though.

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Screenshot of Pro Golf Simulator

Pro Golf Simulator

(Codemasters, 1990)

Play a round of golf on an 18-hole course, ranging from easy 3-par holes to much trickier 5-par holes surrounded by water and sand bunkers. You can practice any of the holes, and you can also perfect your putting skills. Taking shots is easy enough; select a suitable club and the direction to hit the ball, and judge the strength of your shot and whether you want the ball to veer to the left (hook) or right (slice), taking into account the wind direction. The course is viewed from a top-down perspective, which is annoying when your ball lands underneath a bush or a tree. The graphics are good, as is the music (yes, music in a golf game!), and while it's not the most realistic golf simulation for the CPC, it's still pretty good. It even comes with an editor to let you design your own courses.

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Screenshot of Prohibition


(Infogrames, 1987)

New York is being overrun by gangsters, and the police have hired you to kill them all. The gangsters pop out from windows, rooftops, doors and manholes, and you are given just a few seconds to shoot them before they shoot you and erase one of your three lives. You can run for cover at any time, but sooner or later, you will no longer be allowed to do this. Another problem is finding where the next gangster is hiding! As the game progresses, the time limit becomes shorter and more bullets are needed to kill each gangster. The graphics are very detailed and the colour scheme reflects the mood well, and so does the music. The 128K version has extra graphics and music, and a larger screen size and a bonus shoot-out section. It's a fairly good shoot-'em-up, although it will eventually become repetitive.

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Screenshot of Project Future

Project Future

(Gremlin, 1985)

Reviewed by Pug

This is your first mission as a Space Cadet, on board the fearful SS Future. Your aim is to activate the ship's self-destruct system before it hits Earth. To achieve your mission you must find all eight parts of the destruct code that are hidden deep inside the ship. This game is a flip-screen maze full of limited power-ups and patrol droids that soon regenerate once you've shot them. Some colourful graphics and a few chirpy sound effects encourage you to explore the ship, but the game does become a little frustrating.

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Screenshot of Pro Mountain Bike Simulator

Pro Mountain Bike Simulator

(Alternative, 1989)

Reviewed by Richard Lamond

One or two players can take part in this challenging mountain bike racer. Never mind having to avoid the boulders and pitfalls on the courses, your first real obstacle will be getting to grips with a clunky set of controls. Once you work out how to move through the gears you'll start to make some progress, but it's still a long, uphill battle to get to grips with the game, as there's no way to control the trajectory of your bike when you make leaps from ramps; you will crash and crash often! The graphics are blocky and undefined but clear enough for you to see what you're doing. One gripe, though, is the flick-screen scrolling that makes careering into the occasional unseen object at the edge of a screen both unavoidable and frustrating. The game has a decent title tune and overall, it's a fun distraction that rewards perseverance.

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Screenshot of Pro Skateboard Simulator

Pro Skateboard Simulator

(Codemasters, 1989)

Skate your way around lots of courses, trying to reach the finishing line before your time runs out. There are two types of game here; the first sees you collecting flags and is viewed from an isometric perspective, while the second is a slalom course in which you move left and right to steer yourself between the flagpoles. In either case, if you run out of time or don't pass through enough flagpoles, you lose a life. It sounds OK, but the game is mediocre. The graphics are nothing special and lack colour, and there is no music and very few sound effects, so you effectively play the game in silence. It's a bit difficult as well.

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Screenshot of Protector


(Mastertronic, 1989)

If you want to see a really boring two-player game, then look no further than this lame excuse for a game. Both players control a helicopter each, searching the (very small) landscape for the three parts of a missile which have to be transported back to base one at a time. When you've done that, you must take the missile to the other player's base and drop it there to win the game. You can stop the other player by firing at him, but it makes very little difference, since you'll run out of ammunition before you destroy him. The game is rubbish when you're playing with a friend, and beating the computer seems impossible to me.

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