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Screenshot of Bomb Fusion

Bomb Fusion

(Mastertronic, 1989)

Terrorists have broken into the Sellerscale nuclear power plant and planted bombs all over it. You must defuse them, and at the same time, guide used fuel capsules into the crate. They're automatically controlled by the computer, and when you move over them, they will follow you – unless they touch the Balloid which also roams around the screen. The amount of radioactivity increases when a bomb goes off or you touch the Balloid. At first, it seems that the game is OK, despite the rather simple graphics and almost total lack of sound. However, it's a bit boring, mainly because it's too easy and extra lives are easy to obtain.

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Screenshot of Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack

(Elite, 1986)

Reviewed by Pug

This was a fun and unique game that was a rave in the arcades back in the mid-1980s. It's still fun to play today, and the CPC conversion is a good one too. The aim is to jump into flight and collect all the bombs on the screen. Collecting lit bombs in sequence rewards you with bonus scores and special abilities. Several nasties begin to appear as you fly around, making progress a little tricky. This is a great game with good graphics displaying various scenic backgrounds, smooth sprites and varied sound effects. Sadly, there is no music, which is a shame.

See also: Bomb Jack II.

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Screenshot of Bomb Jack II

Bomb Jack II

(Elite, 1987)

Reviewed by John Beckett

I'm not usually one for puzzle games, but I make an exception for Bomb Jack II. Much like its predecessor, the aim is to fly around platforms, collect things and avoid bad guys, but where it differs is that you can only fly to platforms that are directly above, below or beside where you are. This adds a lot more strategy to the game, as you try and work out the best route, while the bad guys get faster the longer you take. The difficulty curve is perfect, the sound is decent, and the graphics are above average, with some nice little background drawings of pyramids, Stonehenge etc. Unfairly forgotten in the face of its classic predecessor, Bomb Jack II is one of my favourite puzzle-style games ever, and the game I play the most. It really is that addictive!

See also: Bomb Jack.

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Screenshot of Bomb Scare

Bomb Scare

(Firebird, 1986)

A space station orbiting Neptune has been taken over by aliens. They have planted a massive bomb in it, and unless it can be deactivated fast, it will blow not only the space station, but Neptune as well! You control a rather odd-looking bomb disposal droid and must wander the station looking for the four pieces of equipment that will deactivate the bomb – or you can find the exit and take the coward's way out, leaving Neptune to its fate. The rooms are shown in an isometric layout, and although the game has a Spectrum-like feel to it, this can be forgiven once you become immersed in the game. It will take a while to get the hang of controlling the droid, but once you do, you'll discover a rather neat game.

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Screenshot of Bonanza Bros.

Bonanza Bros.

(US Gold, 1992)

Robo and Mobo are the Bonanza Brothers – two robot burglars out to grab treasure. Their targets are ten buildings, each containing eight pieces of treasure, but they're all guarded by security guards and dogs. You can knock them out with your stun gun, but you must make sure that the guards don't see you, or you'll lose one of your eight lives. The graphics are below average and there's almost no sound, although the tune on the menu is great. However, the game is let down by the awkward controls – to jump, you have to hold down the fire button, and then release it and then move in the direction you want to jump.

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Screenshot of Booly


(Loriciel, 1991)

This is one of those puzzle games in which you have to swap the colours or states of tiles so that they all match. However, this game is made more difficult in that if you click on a tile, some of the adjacent tiles may not be changed, and the connections between the tiles are invisible – although it is possible to see them briefly by pressing a key. Furthermore, there are 150 levels and three stages in each level... that's enough to keep the most hardened fan of puzzle games baffled. The graphics are good (although the backgrounds are garish) but there are very few sound effects, and if you don't like puzzle games, you should give this game a miss.

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Screenshot of Booty


(Firebird, 1986)

You're a cabin boy called Jim, who has to collect treasure (or booty if you want to call it that) from an old galleon. There's lots of it to collect in the holds of the ship, but you'll need the correct numbered keys to open the holds. Then there are the ghosts of the pirates who used to sail the ship; touch them and you lose a life. And finally, some of the rooms contain platforms and lifts. This is a simple platform game with colourful graphics and a short tune that repeats itself constantly and soon becomes quite irritating. At first it seems good, but the collision detection is dodgy, particularly when getting on and off lifts, and when you lose a life, you go all the way back to the first screen, which is very annoying indeed.

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Screenshot of Bosconian 87

Bosconian 87

(Mastertronic, 1987)

Aliens have set up space stations which are currently orbiting around Earth, and you must destroy all of them on each round. Just make sure you don't crash into the mines and rocks, and watch out for the waves of aliens which appear when you hear the alarm that signifies 'condition red'; they approach very fast, and you should try to guide them towards hazards which they will hopefully crash into. You'll lose lives frequently, but there are lots more to pick up, as well as extra fuel and bombs, and better ammunition. The graphics are detailed, albeit very blue, and a suitably space-themed tune plays throughout. However, it's not a very sophisticated shoot-'em-up, although it is worth playing if you want a quick blast at something.

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Screenshot of The Boss

The Boss

(Peaksoft, 1985)

Reviewed by Richard Lamond

Also re-released by Alternative Software as Soccer Boss, this early football management game lets you take charge of one of eighty football clubs as you battle your way up from the 4th Division. As manager, you get to invest in the peculiarly run transfer market – the better the player's form, the more expensive he is. You can also sell your stars, but with a limited number of names out there, it won't be long until you see them back on the market! Your players are also multi-talented, capable of playing anywhere on the pitch and in any formation (with the exception of your goalkeepers). All in all, this is a straightforward management game that's fun in the short term, but loses appeal the longer you play.

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Screenshot of Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash

(Mirrorsoft, 1985)

Rockford the ant has to collect some diamonds scattered throughout a maze. He can dig through the earth, but this may release one or more boulders, and if he doesn't get out of the way, Rockford will be a dead ant. Later on, you'll also encounter a few enemies. This is one of the all-time classic games, and the graphics stay true to the original. However, while the first three levels are OK, things suddenly become really tricky on the fourth level, which I don't like. Still, you can have fun designing your own levels with the construction kit.

See also: Boulder Dash III, Rockford.

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